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Start Your Own Wealth Watchers Club

It’s easy to get started!  Determine a leader or leaders and pull together a guest list of interested and motivated individuals.  Select a day/time for the weekly meeting (allow 30-60 minutes per meeting).  You can adjust the meeting length, based on the size of the group and the desired timeframe.  Keep in mind, attendance is usually strongest when the meeting day and time are consistent week after week.

Each leader will need to be familiar with the program prior to the first meeting. Therefore, it is important that you read the Wealth Watchers book and determine your own DDI. You should track your own spending for a month or two to establish a sound journaling practice.  This will ensure that all leaders are ready to share their experience (successes and challenges) with the group.  It will also give the leader the insight needed to guide and assist the group through every step of the program.  Finally, the leader should encourage all participants to stick with the program and attend weekly meetings until financial goals are met. The meetings should also be fun and non-judgmental.  No specific dollar amounts need to be used, outside of the weekly feedback (successes and challenges).

We have included agenda notes and topics to help you stay on track and plan accordingly for each meeting.  Additionally, you can submit questions and concerns to Alice, for further advice and insight, prior to your scheduled meeting.

Finally, we have designed the “I’m a Wealth Watcher” mug for members of Wealth Watchers clubs.  Order one for each leader and/or as a reward for an excelling member of the group.  Contact us today to learn more and submit your order.