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Calculate Your DDI

The Wealth Watchers program is a simple but effective concept that can work for everyone.  Our innovative financial management tools are dedicated to helping people spend and save wisely.

The Wealth Watchers Journal helps participants calculate down to the day, how much money they can spend while staying on track with their financial goals. We call this number DDI for Daily Disposable Income. One of the most important benefits of the Wealth Watchers Journal is that participants get a daily reality check so that they know exactly where every dollar goes on any given day.

Three primary concepts are at the core of the Wealth Watchers program:

Evaluate – Set aside one place for all of your bills.  Find out how much you have to spend each month.  You also need to understand how much money is coming in each month after taxes and other withholdings.

Determine – How much money is left after paying all of your bills?  Divide that number by the number of days in the month.  This will give you your daily goal, known as DDI for Daily Disposable Income.

Track – Write down everything you spend besides those bills listed above.  This will be your daily reality check for where your money goes.  It forces a “think before you spend” moment and it will help you understand the Power of 365.

(The Wealth Watchers magnetic notepad and electronic Budget Program can also be used for daily journaling once you understand the program and have determined your DDI.  See the Additional Tools section for details.)