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For Individuals:

Agenda notes & topics

Meeting Focus: Choose a topic from the recommended meeting topic list or choose something that is suitable for your specific group.

Meeting Length: 30 minutes (or longer based on the size and dynamics of the group)

Introductions: The leader/s should introduce herself/himself and thank everyone for coming to the first Wealth Watchers Club meeting.  Explain to the group why starting this club is so important to you and that you can accomplish more together than you can on your own.  Share your successes, challenges and most importantly your current progress using the Wealth Watchers program.  We never ask people to talk about how much money they have (or don’t have) and we don’t ask people to talk about how much debt they have. We just ask that people share their goals with the group because we are more likely to reach our goals if we share them with another person.

After the first meeting, introductions should consist of the leader thanking everyone for attending, his/her progress for that week and then each group member sharing their progress and experiences for that week.  Remember to pick and communicate the meeting topic ahead of time so everyone can be prepared.

Explain the Program (for the first meeting and when new members join):  The leader should explain the foundation of the program and all available tools (e.g., the book with journal, iPhone application, magnetic notepad and electronic budget program).  Share with the group how you got started and what system worked best.

Closing Remarks: Close each meeting with an inspirational and relevant quote. “We can spend more money than we have – but we shouldn’t.”  or  “Every day and every dollar make a difference.”®

Meeting Topics (recommended):
Groceries (almost everyone’s biggest expense outside of housing)
Health Care
Clothing/Retail Shopping
Child care
Unforeseeable events (estate planning, long-term care insurance, etc.)
Big events (weddings and other milestone celebrations)