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Wealth Watchers recognizes financial literacy efforts made by outside organizations with the annual “Benny” award.
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Wealth Watchers® International, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois. Alice Wood, the Founder and President, works closely with a dedicated team and numerous volunteers who share a simple goal; to help people spend less money than they make. According to Alice, “The measurement of our success is to see consumer debt rates decline, bankruptcy rates decline, foreclosure rates decline, and the national personal savings rate reach 10%.”

The foundation of the program is the Wealth Watchers Journal, a simple tool to help people set and track a daily goal for spending and saving. The Wealth Watchers Journal gives people a daily reality check for where their money goes. By using this journal, people can easily identify how much money they have to spend each and every day without blowing their budget. We call this number DDI which stands for Daily Disposable Income. It’s something that reinforces our philosophy that “every day and every dollar make a difference.”®

Because no one should underestimate the power of a day.

Wealth Watchers®, Wealth Watchers Foundation®, Live Smart® and “Because every day and every dollar make a difference.”® are all registered trademarks of Alice M. Wood.


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