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It’s time to work smart with Wealth Watchers®.  Recent data shows that money issues cause stress and anxiety, which adversely affects employees’ health and productivity.  By promoting financial wellness among your employees, you could help to minimize the possible adverse effects on your company’s bottom line.

Wealth Watchers Journals are an innovative, yet simple, financial wellness tool that help people discover where their money goes and how to spend and save wisely.  Our journals are a great addition to any company rewards program, or as an annual gift.  If you would like to implement the Wealth Watchers program for your business, see Workplace Programs below or simply contact us.


It’s in everyone’s best interest to promote financial wellness.  Businesses can encourage financial wellness among their employees with Wealth Watchers.  Our workplace programs employ a simple, yet effective curriculum that helps participants create goals for daily spending and saving.

Each program can be adapted to your work environment or industry.  We provide a Wealth Watchers Journal for each participant to use in tracking their expenditures.  A quarterly follow-up session is recommended to reinforce the concepts, share valuable feedback and further encourage participation.

>> Wealth Watchers Financial Literacy Initiative was featured on Fox News.


Banks and investment firms have a vested interest in the financial wellness of their clients, as well. Now financial institutions can offer Wealth Watchers workplace programs to their business clients. We instruct financial institutions in how to create an effective program tailored to a specific client or field of business, and provide the appropriate Wealth Watchers materials. For more information on business-to-business programs please contact us.

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